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Early Beginnings

The First Laguna Electric Cooperative, Inc. (FLECO) was incorporated and registered with the National Electrification Administration (NEA) on April 3, 1973 under Presidential Decree 269. The operation of FLECO commenced on September 1, 1973 when it took-over the seven (7) private electric franchises and municipal systems, namely: Siniloan Electric which covered the towns of Siniloan, Pangil, Pakil, Mabitac and Sta. Maria; Pagsanjan Electric System; Paete Electric Service; Lumban Electric System; Kalayaan Electric System; Cavinti Electric System and Calim &. Jamilano Electric Co., which served the town of Famy. Initially, FLECO contracted a loan with NEA used chiefly as payment for taken-over private systems, rehabilitation of old lines, and service expansion.


FLECO provides electricity to eleven (11) of the 16 municipalities in the 4th District of Laguna and has attained the 100% energization of the 164 barangays in its coverage area. The municipalities under the FLECO franchise area include Cavinti, Pagsanjan, Lumban, Kalayaan, Paete, Pakil, Pangil, Siniloan, Mabitac, Famy, and Sta. Maria, all located on the northeastern part of the Province of Laguna, covering about 571 square kilometers.

On the financial aspect of operations, for the period ended December 31, 2008, the cooperative's MFSR shows that FLECO realized a total operating revenue of P 1.380 B at kwh sales of 241 M and an average billing rate of P 5.72 per kwh, one of the lowest rate in the region {Please refer to Schedule B). Year-end total assets amounted to P 1.447 B. Total workforce is 189 employees.

On the technical aspect of operations, the cooperative sources 100% of its power requirements from GMCP & WESM. Our 60,529 active consumers as of October 15, 2015 are served by our four (4) substations with a total capacity of 20 MVA with eight (8) feeders. Since the implementation of the feeder metering system, areas of the cooperative with high system losses were identified and pinpointed. The Technical Services Department are now in the process of prioritizing projects to areas that produce the highest revenues. Average maximum demand is 13.5 KW and we consistently enjoy 99% power factor.

On the institutional aspect, based on an area coverage basis, energization of the franchise area is 95.58% for the eleven (11) towns. The 164 barangays are 100% energized. The total potential connection is 55,469.

For prompt response to required service and to boost the efficiency of FLECO operation, the cooperative has established nine (9) collection centers at the following municipalities:

Other important projects undertaken by FLECO geared for the improvement of its operation are:

1. Enhancement of the Meter Reading System using Datalogic equipment and computerization
2. Acquisition of communication facilities and service vehicles to address promptly the complaints and requests of consumers

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