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On top of the organizational structure of the cooperative are the member-consumers represented by a director in each municipality. FLECO has eleven (11) municipalities with eleven (11) Board of Directors. The daily management and overseeing the total operation of the cooperative is vested to the chief/executive officer called the General Manager (GM).

Under the direct supervision of the General Manager are the five (5) departments, consisting of the Technical Services Department, Institutional Services Department, Finance Services Department, Audit Department, Corplan, Infotech & Trading Department, and the newly formed Area Management Department.

The management of the Cooperative is presently handled by General Manager, Engr. Richard B. Mondez. The NEA appointed Engr. Mondez on a Performance Management Contract (PMC) basis to oversee and manage the operation of FLECO since August 1, 2021 via Board Resolution No. 094, s. 2020.

With respect to the organization of personnel, the Cooperative is undergoing the process on reorganization which includes the review of its business process, management tools particularly the organizational structure, job descriptions, salary scheme, etc. to create a lean and mean structure, develop and encourage employees to enhance their skills, become competent, productive and make them efficient where their qualifications fit most and specifically address the manpower requirement of the Cooperative under the deregulated environment.

The management aims to improve not only its institutional area of operation but most likely its financial performance and ensure satisfaction and efficiency of its customers' service while maintaining safe and reliable operations.